Project Reveal

2008-04-06 07:26:42 by Y2DAZZ

Okay a little late but hey, better late than never.

Okay the project is adaption of a book, written by Drew Karpyshyn, named;

Star Wars: Darth Bane: Path of Destruction.

Which takes place about one thousand years before Episode 4, the book tells us how the Sith came to be as we know if the movies all because of Darth Bane and the path of destruction the Sith were on.

Part One, Chapter One. Will be released later in the month. Hopefully with enough feedback I may continue the series.
So please leave feed back when the first chapter hits later in the month.

Project Bane Designs next week

2008-03-23 17:18:02 by Y2DAZZ

Character designs for my next flash will be coming up next week with full details about the project, such as its release date, it's true name and it's main character.

Big fans of a certain 30 year old movie franchise should be looking forward to it.

Project Bane

2008-03-06 11:37:13 by Y2DAZZ

Sure I've never really been that active on NG and so far I've only posted up one flash as well, which I got a few nice comments from it and well some understandable ones.

Anyway my next project is coded named 'Project Bane' and some people may figure it out what I mean but hey its all fun and games keeping a sceret.
I'm doing this for part of my college FMP, Final Major Project, and so I wont be starting it soon (well I will be starting concept designs and what not for characters). I'm looking for a late April release.

I'll update again by the end of the month with some designs or something.